Therapeutic Massage • Healing Bodywork
Integrated Holistic Massage
This is Robert’s signature massage designed for deep relaxation, relief of muscular tension, and free flow of energy.  This whole-body massage combines techniques from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu and Acupressure.  Robert’s intuitive touch “listens” to your body while his knowledge of anatomy, physiology and the Chinese Meridian system informs his choice of modalities to help your body restore its natural balance.

  • One Hour Massage                    $70— 

    • 90 Minute Massage                    $90— 


    Robert also offers one-hour and 90-minute sessions in the following modalities:
    Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue
    Chi Nei Tsang, and Pre-Natal massage
    Myofascial Therapy        
    • 90 minute session            $100—

    Myofascial Therapy is a therapeutic form of bodywork, designed to address specific muscular imbalances, and fascial adhesions that can cause pain and decrease the optimal functioning of muscles and joints.  A 90 minute session includes approximately one hour of bodywork along with the necessary assessments of troubled areas to determine precisely which muscles and connective tissue need attention.  The entire session will be focused on an isolated area of the body such as the knee or shoulder.  Myofascial Therapy techniques include very slow, deep strokes along with stretching and breathing techniques to help release adhesions and relax muscle fibers.  

    Myofascial therapy is known to increase joint range of motion, relieve joint and muscular pain, relieve headaches, and improve a number of chronic pain conditions related to postural imbalances and muscular tightness.  It has also been proven very effective in breaking down scar tissue and improving the appearance of surgical scars.  For more information on myofascial therapy, click here.

    Robert Head BA CPT CMT
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